I’ve come to the conclusion that  my ability to create and be creative is my super power. With this super power I can amplify my voice or use my gift to explore theories and  concepts otherwise deemed impossible. I believe that I cannot limit myself to one media or medium if I want to reach the highest

levels of my creative powers. This belief is evident in the diversity of my work  and how I use it to impact people.

I’m originally from Zambia Africa and I moved to Washington when I was 5. My artistic journey started at the age of three when I stumbled upon my father drawing.  I asked if I could try it, and from that day on I never looked back. I’ve always had a curiosity for life and a love for people. Coupled with my  love for the arts, this led  me to draw everyone and everything I saw. Through this process, I fell in love with and fully embraced my Zambian culture. Since moving to Washington, my passion for the arts, curiosity for life, and love for  people has helped me to fully embrace American culture as well.

Growing up in a Zambian household and being surrounded by American culture, I have developed a love and understanding for both cultures and infused them into my art. Having a strong love for my heritage  while  also connecting to the American culture, (which is filled with  many cultures)  has given me a rich experience that feeds my mind, body, and soul - enhancing my creativity.